Short-Term Rental Furniture for Temporary Assignments

For professionals in any industry, the idea of taking a short-term assignment away from home is a worrisome thought. Maybe you’re a consultant, a project manager, or a lawyer working on a short-term project away from your home city, or perhaps you’re a visiting medical professional or professor working for a few months onsite.

No matter your situation, Brook Furniture Rental knows that living in a hotel room for a long period of time gets very old, very quick, and that you need to personalize your space. To help ensure you’re comfortable during your stay, Brook offers short-term rental furniture for apartments, homes, and other dwellings designed to appeal to your tastes and make your new living space exactly what you need to be happy.

Traveling for work

high-quality furnishings and responsive service

With over 35 years of experience in providing rental furniture for temporary assignments, Brook has created a unique combination of high-quality furnishings and responsive service that is easy, effective, and designed to ensure customer satisfaction. Our job is to help you quickly get comfortable in your temporary living or working quarters so that you can focus on your other work priorities, and we do so by offering a wide selection of home furniture rental sets, bedroom rental furniture, and houseware rental packages, which include everything from rugs, shower curtains, and bed linens to home electronics, hangers, and kitchen appliances.

Brook Furniture Rental provides an assortment of different furniture styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction through The Brook Promise and, after you’ve selected your new furnishings, delivery is usually accomplished in less than two business days and within your specified timeframe. We are professional and courteous in all stages of the rental experience and are here to make your short-term situation more comfortable today!


Since our inception, Brook Furniture Rental has worked closely with corporate relocation firms across the country to provide furnished apartments and housing with quality rental furniture. If you work with a relocation firm or apartment community, we suggest that they confer with Brook Furniture Rental to obtain the best rental furniture for you and your new living space. In addition, Brook is partnered with a network of furnished apartment communities from coast to coast, any of which could be the perfect short-term dwelling for you or your employees.