Furniture Rental for International Visitors and Temporary Assignments

For those facing a temporary assignment or a permanent job transfer to the U.S., few things can be as worrisome and stressful as having to find a new home or apartment, buy new furniture, and ensure that you have exactly what you need to be comfortable.

If you or one of your employees are planning a short-term or permanent transfer to a new position in the U.S., let Brook Furniture Rental help make a taxing experience easier by helping you find the perfect temporary rental furniture! Our trained furniture rental experts will handle the delivery and set up process for everything from home furniture rental sets to rentable home decorations, dishes and silverware, and even bedroom linen rental options. Our goal is to guarantee that our customers can enjoy a comfortable living space from the moment they arrive, to the day they leave, no matter what.

Throughout our years as a leading provider of rental furnishings for short-term assignments, Brook Furniture Rental has served relocating international business professionals from over 50 countries in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and everywhere in between. These customers have found that renting home furniture through Brook Furniture Rental has not only been an easy process but is a great way to save money and make the transition easier.