Helping Restore Your Home With Furniture Rental

When you suffer home damage or loss caused by fire, flood, or any natural disaster, Brook Furniture Rental is your trustworthy partner throughout all the stress and disruption. Furnishing a temporary home is one of the first steps and an important part of moving forward. With decades of experience, we know how important it is to provide you with an easy and personal rental process during this time of transition.

Brook Furniture Rental provides you with a complete furnishing solution taking you from an empty space to a move in ready home just when you need it most. We carry complete, extensive housewares packages that include everything from utensils for the kitchen to towels and shower curtains for the bathroom, and bed linens for the bedroom. Artwork, rugs, plants, TVs, and electronics are available as well to make this new space feel like home all in as little as two business days.

Our team operates under one compass, to serve you.

Rent By Items For Damaged Rooms

Conveniently choose your items for rent from a variety of styles, colors, and price points that suit your rental needs. Upon completion, you'll work personally with a Brook Furniture Rental Consultant to complete your rental, and receive your furniture quickly.


Brook Furniture Rental partners with many job relocation firms and furnished apartment communities. We are also a resource for insurance-related firms and housing companies across the cities where we do business. Ask your insurance company or housing recovery professional to use Brook Furniture Rental or use one of our convenient options to contact our experienced team to learn more of how we can help.