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Furniture Rental For Your Home

From property owners looking to support a transient workforce to high-powered professionals in search of an outside-the-box furnishing solution—to everything in between—home furniture rental offers a flexible, affordable alternative.

Here at Brook, we provide home furniture rental options to create beautiful homes nationwide for renters, homeowners, vacation rental owners and more. Discover why home and apartment furniture rental is the superior choice for stylish and sustainable living.

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Benefits of Home Furniture Rental

Rent furniture for an apartment, home, or any other space, and you can revamp your style without the hassle and expense of purchasing (and moving) everything yourself.

Stop lugging your furniture from place to place and live life on your terms with Brook’s stress-free rental services.

Flex Your Flexibility

Moving to a new city is a huge undertaking. And then there’s outfitting your bedroom, kitchen, bath, and living area, which can take tons of effort and rack up a hefty bill.

Make your next rental move-in (and live-in) ready with furniture rental from Brook. Our team will deliver, install, and even help with design, all part of our full-service experience.

No Long-Term Commitment

Whether you want to rent apartment furniture or decor for a larger space, enjoy flexible leasing that allows you to keep your abode rejuvenated without being locked in.

Renting furniture for an apartment with Brook enables you to take advantage of leases as short as one month. If you’re not completely happy with your furniture, our seven-day happiness guarantee lets you change your mind.

Cozier, More Inviting Homes

Own a home and want to rent it out? Looking for a short-term vacation rental abode that looks as stylish as your vision?

Get home apartment furniture for rent from Brook and tailor your residence to what the market demands. Renters and vacationers prefer move-in-ready listings, so make your space more welcoming and attractive with home and apartment furniture rental packages.

Good for You, Good for the Globe

What happens to furniture after long-term use? More often than not, it ends up in the trash (and then in overcrowded landfills).

Renters don’t always want to carry huge, heavy pieces down five flights of stairs and organize a moving team to get from A to B. Renting furniture for apartments and homes is an increasingly popular alternative—not only is it more eco-friendly, but the process is exceptionally easy. Rent with Brook and don’t lift a finger!

Our team can deliver to you in as little as two business days, and we’ll collect what you need to get rid of. All temporary furniture is restored and reused, whether that’s giving it a new lease on life with someone else, or sending it on to charitable organizations at the end of its run.

Feel good about your environmental impact by choosing sustainability AND style.

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