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What is Brook Furniture Rental?

Whether you’re navigating a transition, staging to stun, or just looking to hit the style reset button at home, Brook makes it easy. With our streamlined furniture rental process, Brook is customer-obsessed. We deliver personalized digital solutions and customizable platforms with access to unique pricing offers, logistics, concierge services, and design consultation.

From service to selection, we deliver.

Why should I rent instead of buy furniture?

For the Flexibility: Whether you need some furniture just for the summer, or a whole home for the year, we’ve got you covered with a variety of lease terms. We’ll deliver when and where you need it—in as little as 2 business days.

For the Freedom: Go ahead, indulge your changing tastes! Switch up your style! Keep up with those Joneses! With thousands of furniture, decor, and houseware items to choose from, we really do have something for everyone, and every moment.

For the Ease: Just select your furniture, and let us do the rest—assembly, design, and pick-up included. And if you’re not in love? We offer free returns and exchanges within the first 7 days of your rental.

Are you available in my area?

We serve the following metro areas: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Fairfax, Fort Worth, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Madison, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Not sure if we deliver to your area? Contact us with your zip code and we'll verify for you.

I heard furniture rental is eco-friendly. Why?

You heard right! According to the EPA, some 10 million tons of furniture ends up in landfills each year. Our rental model offers a more sustainable option, helping to extend the life of furniture and eliminate waste.

At Brook, we dedicate our efforts to sourcing sustainable furniture made from high-quality materials that last. We use lead-free, water-based paints and stains, low-volatile organic compound adhesives and finishes, and environmentally friendly textiles. And we invest in restoring and preserving our furniture, so we can deliver like-new pieces without wasting raw materials.

How does Brook help my moving experience?

Our professional set-up service means you won’t lift a finger, and with free exchanges or returns in the first 7 days, you’re guaranteed to love the look. Let us worry about the heavy lifting—literally. Did we mention we handle assembly, too?

Brook Furniture Rental prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction with unbeaten rates of success:

  • 95% most reliable and on-time delivery rate,
  • 95% most responsive rate, with most emails/calls returned within two hours during business hours, and
  • 93% highest satisfaction from our customers.
What types of items are available to rent from Brook?
Brook offers furniture, decor, and housewares for residential homes, corporate housing, temporary assignment living, student housing, commercial offices, home staging, and more.
What if I don’t see an item I’m looking for?
We’re actively working on expanding our catalog and inventory to include items of all shapes and sizes (we’re looking at you, sectionals). If you have a special need or request, contact our Concierge Team.
What happens at the end of my lease?
When it's time to return your furniture, just email us at or call us at 800.933.7368—and we'll schedule a convenient time to pick it up. And just like with delivery, let us worry about the heavy lifting.
Can I buy my furniture at the end of my lease?
Yes, indeed! Once your lease term ends, Brook offers you the option to buy your furniture. Please keep in mind that while your monthly payments are not applied toward the purchase price, you will be able to purchase the furniture at a discounted price.
How do I update my billing information?
Give us a call! You can reach our Customer Care Department directly at 1-877-285-7368 and they will be glad to assist you. You can also contact us by email at
What happens if I need to break my lease?
When you rent, you are signing a contract that commits you for the length of your lease. If you decide to cancel your lease early, you will be required to pay the remaining balance on your lease agreement. While the leases do have a term to be met, we understand circumstances change. Contact our Customer Care Department at 877-285-7368 and they will review the terms of your lease.
Does Brook offer more than rental furniture?
You bet we do! Brook Plus gives our customers access to additional services to make their move-in more seamless, including a thorough move-in walkthrough, grocery delivery, cable wait and return service, and housekeeping.
How It Works
How does renting with Brook work?

Renting the furniture you want—when you need it—is simple! Here’s how to get started:

  • Select your lease length and market (upper right-hand corner of homepage).
  • Browse the site, and choose the items or rooms you love by adding them to your cart.
  • Check out by adding in your delivery address and payment information.
  • Pick your preferred delivery date.
  • We'll contact you to confirm the date and delivery details, such as your call-ahead contact and entry instructions. You will receive an estimated time of arrival the day before delivery, as well as a Quality Assurance Report once the delivery has been completed.
Why do I need to provide my zip code?

Great question! We ask for your zip code for two reasons:

  • We need to know if we deliver to your area. We service a number of metro areas nationwide, in the following states: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. Even if your zip code is outside our regular delivery—don't dismay! We may be able to deliver to you for an extra delivery fee.

  • We have several distribution centers across the country, and our inventory varies across each location. We ask for your zip code to ensure we only show you items that are currently available in your area.
What are the minimum amounts and terms for a lease?
While Brook’s regular rentals are based on a 3-month lease, we can offer both a 1-month lease for $1500 base rent minimum or a 2-month lease, $750 base rent minimum per month. For leases 3 months or longer, there is a $225 base rent minimum per month. Damage waiver, local tax, and distribution fee are also applicable. If you need more assistance with a special request, ask a Concierge Team member to contact you during regular business hours.
What if I need to cancel my lease before the original end date?
You are held to the full term of your lease. If you schedule pick-up early or cancel your lease, you will be required to pay the remaining balance on your lease agreement.
How do I make payments?

We offer three easy ways to pay each month:

  • Automatic debit: No checks, no need to worry—we can automatically debit your checking account monthly.
  • Credit card: Pay online with our secure service or call 877.285.7368 to pay by credit card.
  • Check: Mail your check monthly—be sure to include your Lease Agreement number.

Mail to:
Brook Furniture Rental
24997 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1249

Do I need to fill out a credit application?
Yes, a soft credit check (no worries—this doesn’t affect your credit score!) is done as part of our approval process.
What if I move in the middle of my Brook lease?
Just let us know! If you’re not moving far, per the terms of your lease agreement, notify us as soon as possible. We can help you with your move for $200/hr, based on a 2-hour minimum. If you choose to move the furniture yourself, you are responsible if any damages to items rented from Brook occur. Typically moves are done on Tuesday - Thursday and not in the first or last weeks of the month due to heavy volume. If you choose to move the furniture yourself, please contact us with the new address.
Can I exchange my furniture during my lease?
If it’s within the first 7 days after delivery, we offer free exchanges or returns. If you’d like to change things up before the end of your lease, we're happy to schedule an exchange for a nominal fee based on delivery area and terms.
Can I add items to my lease before it's delivered?
Yup! You can make changes to the items on your lease before delivery. Contact our Concierge Team and they will be happy to assist! You will just need to sign a new lease agreement with your updated selections.
The Furniture
Where is your furniture from?
Brook works with high-quality suppliers and manufacturers to offer sustainable and stylish furniture. We source furniture that’s built to last and stand up to the rigors of everyday living.
Will my furniture be new?
We cannot guarantee you will receive brand new furniture, but we do ensure that furniture from our current line will be in good condition. Remember: sustainability is the name of the game. Typically, furniture is reused 4-6 times. Before any furniture is delivered to your home, it goes through a thorough inspection, cleaning, and refurbishing process by our expert in-house team. Items may have cosmetic imperfections or flaws, such as scratches or nicks—they do not impact function or structural integrity.
What happens to furniture if it’s damaged or unable to be leased again?
We make every effort to keep each item in our collection in tip-top shape. Any furniture that comes back to Brook that doesn’t meet our standards after inspection and cannot be repaired or refurbished, we donate to furniture banks and other charitable organizations.
What happens if I accidentally break or stain an item?

Don't stress—we know that life happens. For minor scrapes and spills, follow best practices to minimize stains or damages. For more extensive messes, please contact our Concierge Team for guidance on next steps.

Brook does charge for any stains or damages beyond minor wear and tear. We also make every effort to refurbish and repair an item before charging for its replacement. Please see our Terms of Use for additional information.

Is your furniture kid and pet friendly?

Our furniture is for real life, not a museum! Many of our pieces come in performance fabrics that hold up well to the wear and tear (and general mayhem) of life at home with little ones, whether they have two legs or four.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge for damaged items that require additional labor, time, and materials for us to refurbish or repair. We may also charge a fee for excessive pet hair.

Does Brook have showrooms with its furniture?
Brook did have showrooms across the country showcasing our current rental line. We also had clearance centers with discounted furniture that no longer met our rental standards. However, our showrooms and clearance centers are now closed.
Can I rent just one item or rent an item for less than one month?
Brook does not offer individual pieces for rent, nor do we offer short-term rentals without meeting a minimum amount of $1500.
The Delivery
How is Brook keeping its customers safe with COVID-19?

You can rest easy knowing that Brook has your back. In 2020, we introduced Brook’s Rest Assured program, which guarantees:

  • Disinfected furniture at time of delivery
  • Contactless delivery, upon request
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by all employees, upon request
  • Truck disinfecting, and more

We also developed our Stay Safe Travel Essentials that may be requested as part of delivery. After furniture setup is complete, we leave a kit with all-purpose cleansing towelettes, three-layer face masks, hand sanitizer, and a pair of poly gloves as another convenience for customer health and safety.

What do you mean by contactless delivery?
Careful measures are taken to maintain safe social distancing throughout the delivery and furniture set up, upon request. All furniture is disinfected at the time of delivery—and again after pick-up. You may request for your Brook delivery team to wear company-issued PPE, including masks, gloves, and booties, and all delivery trucks are disinfected at least twice per day.
What does the Delivery Fee cover?
Delivery fees will vary depending on location and lease length. The Delivery Fee includes setup, installation and pickup—and if any changes are needed in the first 7 days following delivery, one complimentary trip fee is included.
What does the Damage Waiver cover?
The Damage Waiver is 12% of the base rent covering replacement in the event of fire, theft, or flood. The Damage Waiver can be removed if proper documentation is provided prior to delivery or within 7 days after delivery. We require proof of insurance that has Brook Furniture Rental added on as a loss payee or additional insured. Upon receipt, this portion of the rent can then be removed.
What if I have my own insurance coverage?

If you are providing your own insurance coverage and would like to eliminate the Damage Waiver fee, here's what you need to do:

  1. Brook Furniture Rental must be listed as either the Loss Payee or the Additional Insured on the Certificate of Insurance.
  2. The effective policy dates and the effective date of the amendment must be listed and coincide with the lease start date. Additionally, the policy must stay in effect through the pick-up date of the furniture.
  3. The actual location of the rental furniture must be listed.
  4. The name and address of the Lessor must be listed as follows:

    Brook Furniture Rental
    100 Field Drive, Suite 220
    Lake Forest, IL 60045

  5. The coverage amount must be listed. We require a minimum of the retail value of the furniture, which would be 28 times the base rental rate.

Please ask your insurance agent to amend your insurance binder to include all of the above requirements and email it to the Brook Team Member you are working with for immediate processing.

How long does it take for furniture delivery?
Depending on inventory and availability in your area, we can deliver your furniture within 48 business hours, on average. Our regular delivery days are Monday through Friday and most delivery times range from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Delivery is available on select weekends for an additional fee.
Can I track my furniture delivery?
Yes! Brook customers can stay informed on their delivery orders and follow along via custom notifications, updated ETAs, and real-time status alerts. Use the Track-My-Truck feature by following your unique link to check in on the status of your delivery.
What do I need to do to prepare for my delivery?
Our team will need entry instructions and/or permission to enter. Please reserve elevator time or dock time as needed in advance. Personal items should be removed or placed to the side. Pets need to be put in a safe place because the door will be open.
Do I need to be home for delivery?
If you are not able to be present, you can provide us with entry instructions and/or permission to enter for our driver team.
Should I tip the delivery team?
Tipping the delivery team is not required.
Does Brook pick up my old furniture?
We're only able to pick up items provided and owned by Brook. Consider selling or donating your old items to a local organization or charity to help keep them out of landfills.
What happens if I don't like my furniture when it’s delivered?
Brook wants you to love the look and feel of your home—especially the items we’re providing. That’s why we offer free exchanges or returns during the first 7 days. We have a happiness guarantee! Please reach out to our Concierge Services team for more details.
What’s included with a bed rental?
When you choose a bed, it will include the bed frame, mattress, foundation, and headboard. Linens and pillows need to be ordered separately. You also have the option to rent a Premium Bed. Premium beds are pillowtop beds, offering an extra layer of memory foam which allows for a softer feel (and sweeter dreams). The Standard Mattress is still a firm support without a pillowtop or memory foam finish.
Do you rent bunk beds?
Sadly, no—we do not rent bunk beds. (But can you imagine the forts we would build?)
Do you rent computers?
No, we do not rent office electronic equipment.
Do you rent sectionals?
At the moment, sectionals are not part of our inventory. But we’re always adding new items and expanding our catalog to better meet the needs of our customers.
Is a security deposit required to rent with Brook?
In some cases, maybe. Based on your credit review, we may require one or more months of security deposit. Or, if the lease is in the name of an individual with international status, we would require the one month security deposit along with a copy of their passport and either: a proof of employment letter, enrollment in school letter, or, if here for leisure, a copy of their visa. All security deposits are kept on hold during the duration of the lease and are refunded back 30 days after the final pickup.
What’s included in a Collection Package?
Each Collection offers matched pieces for a Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom based on a Queen Sized Bed. You can customize individual pieces, and also add in items such as electronics, housewares, or accent pieces. There is a section during checkout where you may place a note for Special Requests.
Does Brook offer furniture rental for home staging?
Yes, we do! Learn more about our home staging services here.
What if my lease is ending, but I want to keep my furniture for longer?
If you need furniture longer, no problem. We’ll automatically extend your lease on a month-to-month basis at your current rate until you call us to schedule pick-up.
What’s included with your free professional design services?
Our Concierge Services team is able to help with furniture placement and scale based on a floor plan or photos you provide. We can also offer furniture recommendations based on your style and preferred look.