PRODUCT FOR RENT: All items shown in this showroom are for the Northeast US only.

WHERE ARE YOU MOVING: When you click through on any product for the first time, be sure to enter the city or zip code you are moving to in the blue box at the top of the page.

CHECK STOCK: Entering your city/zip code will allow you to check if that item is currently available to rent.

ADD TO CART: On the product detail page, click the ADD TO CART button and then close the website window. This will bring you back to the showroom to add additional items. The next time you add an item it will continue to grow your cart even though you closed the window.

SHOPPING ALL PRODUCTS: After adding an item to your cart, you can continue to shop via the BFR.com website vs utilizing the digital showroom. Use the Cart Success page to continue shopping for the logical next piece in that room or choose the secondary navigation at the top of the page to shop other categories.