Brook & The Environment

With growing concern about environmental sustainability, Brook Furniture Rental takes recycling to a new level, extending the lifecycle of each piece of furniture by repairing, refurbishing, refinishing, reupholstering, and remanufacturing it to like-new showroom condition so that it can be returned to full use. Reuse is a primary goal in our ecological efforts. We believe that the furniture rental industry can be a "Green" industry due to its focus on recycling furniture. Our 5-year vision is that Brook Furniture Rental will be the "Greenest" company in the furniture rental industry.

By purchasing and renting select, high quality furniture, made from sustainable materials, Brook Furniture Rental avoids waste and minimizes overall resource usage. Choosing our rental furniture inventory is a constant ongoing research effort. We look first for furniture quality. High quality furniture lasts longer and is more readily repaired than cheaper furniture, minimizing impact to the environment over time. Strong, solid construction and "real" materials allow us to maintain each piece longer with less waste. The materials used in our furniture are extremely important.

Brook Furniture Rental is committed to using sustainable woods made of completely replenishable materials, as they require relatively little energy to produce and withstand years and decades of normal use. Natural fibers, wool, cotton, linen, and hemp, sustainable products that consume relatively little energy to produce, will comprise more of our product line-up. Organic foam in bedding and upholstery will be more widely used. Some fast growing woods and wood-like products, mango, bamboo, and cork, provide unique character and durability while assuring complete sustainability and eco-efficient production will be more available in our product lineup. Steel and aluminum always contain high percentages of post-consumer recycled material. Their extremely long life and reusability make them desirable furniture construction materials.

Brook Furniture Rental’s environmental efforts extend beyond recycling furniture. We operate our distribution centers responsibly; reducing energy use through efficient product flow (reducing the number of times each furniture piece is handled), modern efficient interior lighting, and smart electrical systems that reduce consumption in areas with no active traffic. One significant environmentally friendly change is the exchange of propane powered forklifts for electrical forklifts. Heating and cooling our distribution centers is a major concern. Brook Furniture Rental has a major study underway to determine how best to provide a healthy, comfortable working environment for our team members while saving energy. Methods to be considered include passive air induction systems, tankless water heaters, heat pumps, and solar photovoltaic energy generation.

Brook Furniture Rental is changing refinishing and cleaning and sanitizing products to be more eco-friendly. Paints, stains, and adhesives are water based, lead-free, and eco-friendly. Waste, overspray, spills, and remnants, are minimized and contained. Increasingly, the materials we use for cleaning and refurbishing furniture are selected for low toxicity, zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and biodegradability.

Our preferred furniture materials change in accordance to world supply and evolving production practices. Brook Furniture Rental is constantly researching the ecological advantages of our furniture materials. We demand from our manufacturers detailed analyses of materials and processes used in manufacturing the furniture we purchase. We choose furniture made of the best materials from the best manufacturers. Materials that were recently undesirable, such as ceramic tile and cultured stone are now more widely acceptable because the industry has adopted new, energy-efficient production processes. These extremely long-lasting materials are now desirable both for their beauty and for their low ecological impact.

At Brook Furniture Rental, our objective is to partner with furniture manufacturers who are engaged in sustainable forest management initiatives and responsibly managed forests. We expect our furniture suppliers to have an energy use reduction plan, and we want to know about our furniture suppliers’ efforts to recycle pallets, aluminum, and office paper. We are moving to rely upon paperless e-catalogs in our furniture purchasing and furniture rental process.

Before we retire a piece of furniture from our rental inventory at the end of its life, we inspect, refurbish, and clean and sanitize the furniture one last time. The purchaser of retired Brook furniture at our Brook Furniture Clearance Center can expect terrific looks and a long useful lifespan, in addition to the knowledge that their product has been recycled and reused, minimizing the impact to the environment.
Our Brook Furniture Rental customers are direct beneficiaries of the effort we put into selecting our furniture. In addition to enjoying the exceptional beauty, high quality, and long life of our furnishings, Brook Furniture Rental customers are assured of low-VOC adhesives and finishes that do not adversely affect health. Brook Furniture Rental customers can be confident that they have furnished their home or office with ecologically sensitive, low-impact, recyclable furniture that is selected and maintained in accordance to Brook Furniture Rental’s Sustainability Effort.

Do something good for the earth. Rent furnishings from Brook Furniture Rental.