Sustainable Furniture

We’re committed to a better environment
Sustainability You Can Trust

Quality design and sustainability are two things we take pride in. If finding ways to preserve the planet is important to you, we’ve got great news: You don’t have to compromise on style to do it! 

At Brook, we specialize in an eco-friendly furniture approach. Renting furniture is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

 We offer timeless and contemporary furniture products for buyers, renters, short-term stayers, and vacationers alike. Outfit your home with sustainable furniture and do your part for the planet. Brook is here to help.

Kinder to our land
10 million tons of furniture is tossed into landfills every year—renting is the more sustainable choice
Good investment
We invest in restoring and preserving our furniture, so we can deliver like-new pieces and not waste raw materials
Industry leader
We use lead-free, water-based paints and stains, low-volatile organic compound adhesives and finishes, and environmentally-friendly textiles
Going green
People who rent furniture instead of buying know that reuse is the sustainable choice that’s good for the globe
Sustainable team
We ask our manufacturing partners to meet or exceed global ecological operating standards
Learn more about renting with Brook

Renting environmental furniture couldn’t be easier with our new, digital-first approach to giving your space a facelift.

Follow these simple steps to lock-in some of the best ethical furniture rental packages:

  • Step One – Browse our expansive catalog of environmentally-friendly furniture. We can outfit any room, including your bedroom, home office, and living room.
  • Step Two – Choose how long you want to rent your furniture and schedule a convenient delivery time. We’ll deliver to you within two business days, on average.
  • Step Three – Track your day-of delivery with Brook’s easy-to-use customer portal. Utilize the Track-My-Truck feature to find out how close our team is.
  • Step Four – Let our team install your furniture upon arrival. You won’t lift a finger while we work, helping you to create your dream space.
  • Step Five – At the end of your lease, we’ll organize a pickup time. Once we’ve taken your furniture and inspected it, those same pieces will move on to a new home.