Brook Furniture Rental Supports A Sustainable Environment

Furniture rental by its nature is a “green” industry. By renting vs. buying consumers slow the need for new furniture which in turn slows down the consumption of the raw materials required to build furniture, metal, wood, plastics, and a long list of other precious commodities.

At Brook Furniture Rental, we take this conservation to another level within our industry by investing in asset restoration and preservation processes that allow us to slow down our consumption of products and still deliver like-new furniture to our end clients. These techniques and processes are based on industry best practices in terms of using lead-free, water-based paints and stains, low VOC adhesives and finishes along with environmentally friendly textile materials. All our facilities employ conservation friendly operating principles including, smart grid electrical systems, best practices in piece-movement efficiency, and eco-friendly forklifts and distribution equipment.

We partner with several furniture manufacturers across the globe and we require that the materials they use and their operating facilities meet or exceed global ecological operating standards. We expect our suppliers to have an energy reduction plan and to employ robust recycling programs for their raw materials and consumable items.