About Brook Furniture Rental

Brook Furniture Rental offers a full line of residential and office furnishings for temporary use by individuals and changing corporations in a highly mobile society. High quality furniture, combined with impeccable service tailored to personal taste, characterize the company in its continuing drive toward 100% customer satisfaction.

We provide service to the following large geographic markets throughout the United States: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Elk Grove, Fairfax, Fort Worth, Houston, Jacksonville, Lanham, Los Angeles, Madison, Milwaukee, Newport Beach, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Sunnyvale, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York and Walnut Creek.

In 1979, when Robert W. Crawford Jr. purchased the Chicago assets of Broyhill Furniture Rental, his first task was to choose a  name for his new company. He wanted a name that was near to the front of the alphabet, was preferably one syllable, was easy to pronounce, and had positive connotations. Over a period of days, he literally read the entire dictionary and narrowed down the name to three good choices: Crown, Beacon, and Brook.

After reviewing the merits and benefits of these three good options, Mr. Crawford came to believe that Brook had great appeal due to its positive connotations and favorable imagery. The Brook name was shorter and it was a little softer and easier to say.

Today, we are very happy that he made the choice to call our company Brook Furniture Rental!
Our goal at Brook Furniture Rental is to help our customers "Simplify Change." Our customers come to Brook Furniture Rental when they are in some sort of life transition. The family may be relocating in the middle of the school year and the kids want to finish the school year with their friends. A company is starting a short-term project in a new location and needs to have offices and workstations for just a short period of time. A family may have suffered a house fire and needs a furnished home to live in temporarily. One spouse may be taking a short term assignment and will be commuting from Monday to Friday for 18 months while the family stays in their current location. A homeowner wants to sell their vacant home quicker and needs furniture to increase the appeal to prospective buyers. Our Brook Furniture Rental team members understand and assist our customers in the transitions that they may be experiencing.

We aim to make the process of transition as easy and comfortable as possible. Whether you go through one of our showrooms or our Concierge service, you will find our team members dedicated to helping you find high-quality rental furniture, and we are committed to making the process easy for you.

As a company, we are committed to your 100% satisfaction as identified in The Brook PromiseSM.
We at Brook Furniture Rental care about serving our customers with "Extreme Service." We have even trademarked the term "Extreme Service - Today, Tomorrow, and Forever®." This principle constantly reminds us of the importance of focusing on our customers. It also helps us to anticipate how our customers are going to change in the future so we can be committed to higher levels of customer partnership.

Internally, we focus on implementing our business with precision. Our focus is on "Perfect Execution," which to us means getting the order right all the time. We want our furniture to be in the highest quality condition, we want our delivery teams to show up promptly when we tell our customers they will be there, and we aim to have the furniture on the lease to be just as the customer wants it.

The combination of "Extreme Service," and "Perfect Execution," sets Brook Furniture Rental apart from our competition, and enables us to have deep, meaningful relationships with our customers. We are very proud of our team members and also the extensive collaborative partnerships we have with our customers and suppliers.
We have the opportunity at Brook Furniture Rental to work with many different types customers. We provide customized furniture rental service to international business transferees, professional athletes, visiting professors, real estate agents, homeowners, and stagers. We rent furniture to people starting businesses who want to preserve cash, government GSA purchasing agents, and people going through home loss or a marital separation.

We work with individuals who walk into our showrooms or find us on the internet. We partner with apartment communities who want to rent furnished apartments to prospective tenants. We rent furniture to large corporate housing companies that work with multinational companies that transfer business people from one market to another.

At Brook Furniture Rental, we rent furniture to CEOs and senior executives who have a staff to coordinate their move, in addition to small business owners who are moving themselves. We work with people who are elated as they have earned a promotion and are relocating to start a new job in their career. We also work with people who have lost their entire homes to a fire or flood. It is both humbling and inspiring to be working with people in these life transitions.

With every customer, we understand that we must help to simplify someone's life, to add comfort to ease the transition that they are going through.