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Sunny Chaparala

DFW Realties
3131 McKinney Ave #600
Dallas, TX 75204



“My first memory is standing in front of a beautiful modern home, one that my father built,” Sunny Chaparala said. “It was amazing, and I was in awe of how big it was and what an accomplishment it was for my father. It was one of many homes that he built and it still inspires me today.” It’s a memory that emboldened her to build a business in residential real estate just as grand as the homes her father constructed. And she’s determined to make that dream a reality. But for Sunny, it’s the human element of real estate that drives her. Named one of only four finalists for National Realtor of the Year by the Real Estate Staging Association, she works tirelessly to get the very best deals for her clients, leaving no stone unturned in her search. “Everything is personal,” Sunny said.

“I definitely want to make a difference in my own way. I try to do the right thing by my clients, even if it’s not in my best interest. I want to make sure that people are taken care of.” And that’s what Sunny is doing — making a difference, one client at a time. As a broker, agent, and certified residential specialist at DFW Realties, she’s taking what is traditionally a numbers game and putting a human face on it. Take, for instance, a client that was looking to buy an investment property. All the time and research he put into his search left him with more questions than his longtime Realtor could answer. “I could tell she was different from my other Realtor,” the client said of Sunny. “Instead of trying to just ‘sell’ me every house we looked at, she scrutinized each property as if she was spending her own money on it. When we finally picked a property, she negotiated hard — way harder than I ever expected — on every part of the contract.” For Sunny, it was second nature to keep a client from signing a less-than-ideal contract, or even one he didn’t understand. “I would never recommend a client sign a contract that I wouldn’t sign myself,” Sunny said.

Her approach is to make sure the client understands all the fine print, rather than hastily pushing paperwork. “Clients don’t always have all the information, and I would rather they be informed of the process,” she added. “If things change in the middle of a transaction, with me, I’d rather they back out of a deal than put their finances at risk. If that means I miss out on a commission, so be it.” With a business management degree in accounting and finance, a background as a Sun Microsystems Certified Java programmer, and one of only a few accepted into SMU’s applied economics graduate program, Sunny takes pride in her expert financial analysis. She looks at transactions from every side, making sure that a transaction she oversees is one that her clients will never regret. “That’s my motivation — that’s my work,” Sunny said. “I want my clients to succeed, and I want to be a part of that success.” When she’s not focused on growing her list of loyal clients, she enjoys spending time with her two rescue dogs — Abby and Roxy — in her Castle Hills home. Find out more about Sunny and the team at DFW Realties at www.dfwrealties.com.

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