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Brook Furniture Rental in the News

February 6, 2012
Last month, CEO of Brook Furniture Rental, Bob Crawford returned to the Real Estate Today radio show to talk with host Gil Gross about how rental furniture companies can help houses sell in today’s competitive market. 

As Chairman, Crawford has witnessed staging become an increasingly important aspect of selling a home. “Staging” – improving the appeal of a property so that it’s more attractive for purchase – was once considered to be an expensive option for solely high end properties. Times have changed. As Crawford explained to host Gil Gross, staging is now “for anyone who needs to sell their house.” And renting furniture is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give your home an edge. 

Crawford pointed out the advantage of using a furniture rental service to assist in the staging of an empty home is centered on connecting with perspective buyers. “It makes an absolute huge difference, a staggering difference,” he told Gross. “You want to have it look as good as possible when you sell it.” Furniture can change the entire look of a house, and smart sellers need to take every advantage they can get. 

Sometimes the problem is that out of date furniture can be worse than no furniture at all, Gil Gross pointed out. A cat-clawed sofa may have sentimental value for a seller. But in the eyes of a potential buyer, it can send the wrong message. Crawford agreed, pointing out that leasing clean, contemporary furniture is a way of marketing a house, and a smart business decision. 

Crawford shared the story of an Illinois family whose home languished on the market for six months before it was staged with rental furniture, and then found a buyer in six weeks. If they had leased furniture from the start, they would have saved thousands of wasted dollars in mortgage payments, taxes, and months of aggravation. “It’s an extremely smart move to jump on it quick,” Crawford said. “You’re going to sell faster.” 

Brook Furniture Rental is a leading furniture rental company in the United States. Headquartered in the Chicago area, the company operates in California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington DC. For a review of the radio interview, visit the website for a complete review of the entire show. The company also operates the www.homestagingonline.com website that provides a service to individuals and companies that are interested in staging their homes. 

Real Estate Today offers intelligent information for individuals in the real estate market. Designed for those who are focused on gaining relevant information, the show contains experts, interviews, call-ins, field reports, and market reports to be as timely as possible. The show is carried on radio stations, satellite, and podcasts throughout the United States. A journalist for more than three decades, Gil Gross is currently the host, and has worked in radio across many markets such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, as well as nationally with ABC and CBS Radio. He has won many investigative and journalism awards.

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