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What Is Staging

Staging is the detailed preparation of a house to be sold. Staging can be as simple as arranging existing furniture, or as extensive as repairing, refurnishing, and redecorating the entire home. The scale varies, but the purpose is the same, to sell the house as fast as possible at the best price possible.

History of Staging

The origins of Staging® began as early as 1976 when an innovative Real Estate Professional named Barb Schwarz from Bellevue, Washington, recognized the challenge that existed for real estate agents of how to help the sellers best prepare their homes for sale. Barb began educating sellers on how to "Set the Stage" to get the property sold for the top dollar and in a shorter amount of time. Barb coined the phrase "Staging®" for the first time and holds the federally registered US Government trademark for the term. Since those early experiences, Barb has educated agents all over the world and offers a certification program for real estate professionals to become educated on how to best help their clients stage a home. You can learn more about Barb Schwarz at www.StagedHomes.com.

Although its origins were in the late 70's, Staging® popularity really found its niche in the early 1990's when the national real estate market was sluggish and listing times were long. Frustrated realtors and home sellers turned to formal staging to create the look and feel they needed to attract a broader range of buyers. As the market improved, realtors and sellers alike recognized that Staging® could give them a marketing advantage over other homes, whether in a strong or weak economy. Staging® now is an established part of marketing homes for sale in cities around the country.

What's involved in Staging?

Staging can range from simply removing clutter and rearranging furniture to totally redecorating and re-furnishing all the rooms in a home - generally through the use of rented furnishings and accessories. A typical home staging includes updated furnishings for three rooms, redecorating the remaining living spaces and a dedicated effort to de-clutter the entire home. Check out our Staging can also be defined to include repairs and updates done to the structure and grounds. See a detailed list of items to consider in our Staging Tips & Checklist

Costs of Staging:

Costs of staging vary depending on the level of service required. Some home sellers simply pay for advice from professional stagers who charge an hourly fee. Other sellers and realtors prefer to have professional stagers do all the work and arrange for all necessary furniture rental and decorating and repair services. Staging on this scale could range from $500 to over $25,000 depending on the size, condition, and asking price for the home and the time it is on the market. Money spent on staging tends to produce a positive return. See the average return on cost chart.

Benefits of Staging:

Staged homes tend to sell much faster and often for substantially higher prices than comparable homes that have not been similarly prepared for sale. These benefits are major items in a long list of benefits that arises from professional staging.

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