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Staging Associations

The following organizations support and help define the Home Staging industry. In some cases they helped make the industry meaningful as it is today. From this list you can find training and information in a number of different formats to suit the needs of both professional stagers and individual home sellers.

Staged Homes Logo Stagedhomes.com has been educating the public and training professional Home Stagers since 1999. For over a decade, Stagedhomes.com has provided professional training and the premier industry Accreditation Designation of the Accredited Staging Professional®, ASP®. This training was created by Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® and the Home Staging Industry. ASP Stagers have a foundation of excellence and understanding in how to work with the public and Realtors® to properly prepare a house for sale. As a partner with Brook Furniture Rental from the start we have a history in providing quality resources for Home Staging and the public. To locate a trained ASP® Home Staging professional, please go to our online directory at www.Stagedhomes.com.
IAHSPs Logo The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® - IAHSP® For over a decade IAHSP® has been setting standards of excellence for the Home Staging industry throughout the world. In 1999, IAHSP became the first professional trade association established for Home Stagers is an association based in education FIRST. The IAHSP Association has standards of required excellence, and their members must first earn a Home Staging Accreditation approved by IAHSP, so that they ensure that all members have quality training, understand how to educate clients, and set and represent true professional industry standards. IAHSP has a code of ethics and standards of excellence applied to their members. To locate a qualified member, go to www.iahsp.com and select the membership directory or one of the IAHSP Regional Chapters to find a qualified member to serve you.
Iris Logo IRIS - Working with an I.R.I.S. member will ensure that your rooms are designed in a way that will reflect you and your family.
RESA Logo Real Estate Staging Association - Our membership is full of diverse backgrounds, training, and affiliations. We feel our diversity makes us stronger as a group thus providing solid service to our clients. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in our own community as well as the community of real estate professionals and consumers.
 HSR Certified Logo ASHSR Logo
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