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Use What You Have Technique In Staging

In all my 30 years of Interior Design/Redesign/Staging, I have found that many clients already have a lot of items stashed away or freestanding that would be great and just a mere placement issue change could make all the difference in the world. 

De-cluttering is key but the wow factor can come into play with a professional stager’s vision for potential buyers for their home. Even if you were not to sell your home, it is a great way to display the pieces you love in a new way and without the high cost of buying items that are not necessary. This is a great savings and buyers want to envision themselves in your home: also the wow factor doesn't hurt!

I personally save my clients lots of time and money due to the fact I am a visionary and can see things before they are done in their home, and create their visions with an eye for dynamics. If they need to add major items, problem solving with smaller items available actually gives them extra money for these. An example for one of the homes I have done is that I gave the homeowners a homework assignment to pick out 2 of their favorite paintings each (there were a lot of paintings to choose from). When I come back the next morning we displayed them both which magnified the surroundings. This was fun for them, and they became part of the process, which contributed to them feeling like their ideas were important. Also, they had picked out 2 mirrors that they particularly liked and I also used them to fill a corner, but in this instance I turned them at an angle which gave them an entirely new look for a lifeless niche.

Staging and Redesign for me is looking at living at its best, appreciating the old and the new for all buyers and clients, and being economical and thrifty with financial resources. Creating a vision for the prospective buyer without the clutter and with a wow factor is possible with a creative, results oriented stager. So, before you consider everything shiny and new- consider combining the two. Locate things you think will enhance your home and consult with a stager. It’s worth the result!

Arictle written and submitted by, 

Corinne   Runnells
CMadison Ave Interiors
Phone: 312-854-8004
Email: cmadisonaveinteriors@netzero.net

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