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The Virtual Home Buyer

As a Professional Home Stager I often tell clients that buyers today are in a different league. With access to the internet, virtual tours, digital photos and new types of on-line real estate shows that are becoming available, a savvy home buyer does not need to leave the comfort of their home to decide whether or not to see a property listed on the internet. Often, time strapped buyers will make a decision at their computer screen as to whether or not the house is worth getting in the car (or plane in some situations) to see. In the case of relocations, it becomes necessary to view properties cross country or globally and access to the internet becomes crucial.I make it a practice to regularly search real estate on line to preview the virtual tours and photos. I find myself "virtually" staging the houses that look like they need it. 

I always wonder what the reasons are behind why certain homes have no photos or tours available. I'm especially curious about the homes that don't have any photos or tours. Is this a marketing strategy to keep a buyer guessing? Is it due to lack of information about digital photography or virtual tours? Is it seen as too expensive or time consuming? Is the home in such poor condition that no photos should be taken? Why? This is one of the most important tools after listing that sellers have in getting their house seen and sold. Another valuable tool in the process is home staging. Staging will present the home in the best condition to appeal to the most number of buyers, which translates to a quicker sale and in many cases, higher profit. 

There is never a second chance to make a first impression and staging is crucial for making that fabulous first impression whether on-line through amazing digital photos and virtual tours or in person as the buyer walks up to the door. Professional Stagers make the job of Sellers, Realtors, and Photographers much easier. Stagers complement those services and promote the sale of a home in ways beyond the norm. Staging is becoming a "must have" service not only for sellers but also for real estate professionals who understand what home staging can do for their bottom line.

Karen Otto, ASP, RESA-Pro is the owner of Home Star Staging, a full service Real Estate Staging and Consulting firm located in Plano, Texas. With extensive staging knowledge and experience, Karen knows what it takes to get your house seen and sold. While Karen doesn't sell houses, she knows what helps houses sell. Karen is passionate about educating the Real Estate Community and the Public on the benefits of staging. Please contact her for your home staging questions and needs. Karen is available for articles, information and seminars on the home staging industry. Please contact her at Karen@homestarstaging.com or visit her on the web at Homestarstaging.

Arictle written and submitted by, 

Karen   Otto
Home Star Staging
Phone: 469-964-0516
Email: karen@homestarstaging.com

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