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Imaginative Solutions For Small Spaces

One of the recurrent dilemmas in staging a home is the question of what to do with an extremely small space. Every home has at least one, an entry hall, a utility porch, side yard patio, or odd shaped corner. Do you ignore these bits of square footage, hoping perhaps they will not even be noticed? Or do you define a use and furnish the space accordingly. Experience tells us that imaginative use of these "leftovers" can greatly increase the salability and final price of homes.

Use rental sources to find furniture in reduced sizes. Since furniture rental companies are always furnishing smaller living spaces, temporary accommodations, apartments, offices, etc., they tend to carry some furniture that is sized for small spaces. 

Picture the difference… 

We had one house with an empty, fenced, 8' x 10', concrete patio that looked restrictive, oppressive, virtually unusable. Most people thought the best use possible might be as a storage space for garden equipment. But adding a tiny bistro table, one small chair, a rustic framed mirror hung on the fence, and one tall plant, instantly transformed it into a private garden where an individual could go to reflect and recharge. The space became a uniquely attractive asset rather than a useless eyesore.

A 3800 sq ft, five bedroom home had three tiny upstairs bedrooms that opened onto a large octagonal landing/anteroom at the top of the staircase. Prospective buyers thought of the small bedrooms as a disadvantage, possibly requiring remodeling, combining rooms for more space, or using one bedroom as a closet for the other two. Placing a colorful round rug centered in the anteroom, a small TV between two of the bedroom doors, a tiny low table, and two child-sized chairs in the center of the open space made the bedrooms into a familial living space where multiple children could live and grow, even through their teenage years.

One Victorian with several small rooms had a 4' x 6' room tucked under the staircase, off the entry hall. It was originally a telephone privacy closet from the days when being heard on the other end of a call required loud voices, even a bit of yelling. Other doors facing the entry led to closets, bathroom, study and parlor. Home shoppers pictured this dead space only as a potential storage closet, despite the proximity of other substantial closet space. We exercised our imagination and ran two lengths of copper pipe from the adjacent bathroom, placed a tiny sink against the underside of the stairs, decorative coat hooks on one wall, and a recessed, mirrored medicine cabinet on the other. Suddenly, this redundant closet offered homeowners a luxurious place for those last minute appearance checks before climbing into their carriage and venturing off to the ball!

There are no limitations. Transforming miniscule spaces into usable living space requires only imagination, imagination, and more imagination. Don't leave any potentially usable space dormant. It is your responsibility to make the most of every home, and every space in and around that home. Be professional. Be thorough. Be creative. It is your imagination and skill that will sell this home.

Arictle written and submitted by, 

P  Lundgren

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