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Challenges of Staging a Vacant Home

I just completed staging a vacant home for sale. Some people may think that starting with an empty house would be easier than staging an occupied home. Each kind of staging presents different challenges. Staging an occupied home means you have to be part therapist, part mediator and part decorator. You have to be mindful of the emotional minefield that comes with selling a home. You have to try to use the furnishings and accessories that are already there and supplement as needed. You need to encourage the homeowner to start packing so that there is less stuff getting in the way of potential buyers seeing the attributes of the home. 

Most difficult can be creating a home that is well-staged and yet still livable for the family while the house is on the market. Staging an empty house means that there is nothing to work with. You must bring in every single item. Every piece of furniture, bedding, art, accessory, candle, lamp and on and on. I maintain an inventory of items I use in staged homes and doing one vacant house can completely exhaust my on-hand stock. I make it a practice to rent the larger pieces like sofas, chairs, and dining room tables. This does alleviate some of the burden and allows me a wide range of products to choose from. 

The house I just completed is a 3 bedroom townhouse with a finished basement. That’s a lot of rooms to fill. The before and after pictures, available on my web site, show that the house had been beautifully renovated but potential buyers just couldn’t relate to the empty spaces. For before and after pictures of this and other projects, visit me at "The Welcome Home: Interior Design Solutions" www.interiordesignsolutionsmaryland.com. The kitchen has been remodeled with granite countertops and maple cabinetry with a warm glaze. They chose to add cabinetry to the corner which eliminates the possibility for a table and chairs so I highlighted the additional work surfaces with some strategic accessories. Off of the kitchen is a great sun room. It has a slate floor and floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides. Before staging it looked cold and uninviting. I added minimal furnishings and gave the room some personality so people can imagine using this room for meals and entertaining. 

Staging a vacant home is an enormous undertaking. By partnering with a reputable furniture rental company, I have greater freedom to choose the right furnishings to showcase properties. By supplementing the rental with my own inventory I am able to add a touch of personality through accessories and lighting. It was an exhausting project and I loved every minute!

Arictle written and submitted by, 

Jill  Valeri
The Welcome Home: Interior Design Solutions
Phone: 443-812-6339
Email: jill.valeri@verizon.net

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