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Attitude Makes The Difference

After working two years as a staging professional, I finally realized how important confidence can be.

In working with a local realtor, I acquired a client whose personal situation made for an unusually stressful transaction. The client was going through a messy divorce. This person had no family nearby to lean on for support. A poor selling price could leave the seller in a short sale position, and the lending institution was not receptive to working with a shortfall. To complicate matters, the listing broker, although quite capable, did not easily display an empathetic personality.

This client was about to fall apart! 

I quickly realized that any chance of success was lost unless I could help keep the situation sane and rational. I did not know this client personally, and I am certainly not a therapist or counselor. My only applicable skill set came from my training and experience as a professional stager.

I had no established relationship that would allow me to console or advise the client on a personal level. My defined role was as a sales-team member. I had to rely upon building trust between me and the client. I decided, rather than to request that the client trust me, I would insist that my skills be respected and that the client trust that I could produce the desired result, because I AM A PRO! I hold the certification and history to prove it. 

I presented myself with steely confidence, no weakness, no doubts, no possibility of a less than perfect outcome. I would not allow worry and doubt to creep into the picture. I was in control. 

This personal strength won the client over. Nerves settled into quiet anticipation. Sanity prevailed. Sales decisions were made rationally. And in the end, the home sold for above the listing price.

Was my façade really that effective? Did I control this client's destiny? I don't know for sure. I do know that this client would have been an emotional ruin if I had shown any doubt or insecurity.

Be strong in your professionalism. If you have any doubts about your skills, get more training. Don't shortchange a client with less than perfected skills. Be a Pro.

Arictle written and submitted by, 

N  Dudley

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