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How To Stage A Home

Professional or DIY?

Although our website is used primarily by professional stagers, this page is directed at the home seller. If you are a homeowner who is considering selling your home, you need to know about staging. You need to know how to choose a stager, or, what you are getting into if you decide to present the home yourself.

Start by talking to your real estate professional. Get their advice. A person-to-person confirmation of what you read here will give you reassurance and the confidence to move forward in your sales process.

Hiring a professional stager is the preferred way to stage a home for sale because each important decision is made objectively and knowledgeably. Decisions can be made professionally rather than being influenced by a homeowner’s personal attachments and preferences. Your professional stager knows what works, what furniture to display, what accessories best complement your home’s decor, and how to direct attention to your home’s strengths and away from its weaknesses.

You will benefit greatly from the marketing, design, and project management skills that stagers bring to a staging assignment. Our lists of professional stagers are provided to assist home sellers and realtors in finding individuals to help them sell their homes.

For those hiring professional staging help:

  • Consult with your professional realtor, local staging organization, and other knowledgeable experts for an objective assessment of what needs to be done to make the house most appealing to the broadest audience.
  • Prepare and agree on a cost estimate to complete the staging work, including any interior/exterior redecorating, clean up of the outside or inside furniture and accessory rentals, consulting fees and labor.
  • Complete the staging work and sell the house.





For the determined do-it-yourselfer:

For some home sellers who have both the talent and the time, a do-it-yourself approach may be an attractive alternative. Our list of informative articles and staging checklist provide useful resources for ambitious individuals. In addition, the do-it-yourselfer can find all the rental furniture and accessories needed for a successful staging online from Brook Furniture Rental.

  • Create an open feeling in every room.
  • Be objective in making presentation decisions - put personal feelings aside.
  • Get rid of the clutter, all clutter, special art, favorite collections, sports trophies, travel souvenirs, all clutter.
  • Make the house look like new - paint inside and out, if necessary, and replace carpets and floors to achieve your desired effect.
  • Stage every space in and around the house. Patios, porches, entryways, and decks should all be furnished to demonstrate that each is usable living space.
  • Replace or supplement existing furniture and accessories with rentals from Brook Furniture Rental to achieve the desired appearance.
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