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Staging For The Home Owner or Seller

Although most of our website is utilized by professional stagers, this page directed at you, the home seller. You will also want to read “What is Staging".

As a home seller, you need to know about staging, its benefits, how to choose a stager, and enough information to know what you are getting into if you decide to present the home yourself.

Read through this website. Everything here is good information for you while you are planning your home sale. Most is aimed at the professional stager, but there are no hidden secrets. Each page and article presents information you might be able to use.

As suggested on “What is Staging" the next step might be to talk to your real estate professional. Get their advice. A person-to-person confirmation of what you read here will give you the reassurance and confidence to move forward in your sales process.

Determine what your staging will cost and compare that figure with the potential benefits. Will your local market support an increase in price to cover staging costs? Is a faster sale going to save you money by minimizing transitional costs? What other homes are on the market? What is their condition? Are they professionally staged? Answers to these questions will help you decide how to approach your home sale.

Peruse our lists of



These are available to assist you in finding qualified professionals to help you stage your home for sale.

In addition, Brook Furniture Rental professionals are available seven days a week. Call and ask for advice. Tell a Brook professional about your decision making process and see what they recommend.
For most people, a home sale is one of the biggest transactions in their lifetime. For anyone, a home sale is a major event. We strongly recommend that you seek all the professional advice available before finalizing your plan of action. You should be confident and comfortable with your plan before committing a signature.

It is worth considering that Brook Furniture Rental has more than 30 years experience in helping individuals like you stage their homes for sale. Time after time, in strong markets and weak, in settings both urban and suburban, we have found that an appropriate level of staging consistently pays big dividends.

Visit a Brook Furniture Rental showroom in your area . Call us at 877-285-7368 or email our Brook Concierge for individualized attention to your needs and a customized solution.

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