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Furniture Rental For Senior Living & Interim Care

Brook Furniture Rental offers short-term furniture solutions for people who are temporarily residing in senior living centers, assisted living communities, and interim care housing. We furnish short term suites and apartments for people who are transitioning into independent living quarters. For those who may require respite care after a hospital visit or during an illness, our furniture rental service helps provide a welcoming environment for you. Brook Furniture Rental creates a beautiful home-like atmosphere for people in retirement communities and independent living apartments. Our furniture rental service helps provide comfort to you and eases the stress of the transition that you are going through. 

Brook Furniture Rental is a professional company that helps senior living facilities to assist people in transition during their respite stays. Brook Furniture Rental supports seniors who are moving into their new apartments, people who have recently retired, and those needing a little extra help during a time when they are focusing on their health care needs. Please contact us if your independent living center does not have a specific arrangement to provide furniture for a short term stay. We will work with you and the community to develop a productive partnership. 

Often a spouse or child needs to take some time off as a caregiver, to help care for their relatives. If you need to rent an apartment for a short period of time, we rent furniture and accessories to family members to enable you to focus on the person that needs your care. Our passion at Brook Furniture Rental is to assist you to create personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs to help make you feel right at home in your transition. 

In addition to furniture, Brook Furniture Rental offers a wide variety of accessories that can help you tailor your solution to your individualized needs. We offer artwork, rugs, plants, and electronics. If you have the need for household goods for the bedroom such as bed linens, comforters, clothes hangers, we provide these. For the bathroom, we rent accessories such as towels and shower curtains, and we have a pleasant assortment of cooking utensils and dining utensils. 

We have over 33 years of experience in helping people rent furniture for their unique temporary situation. Our delivery is often in 24-48 hours after paperwork is completed and our service provides a complete set up of all furnishings. 

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