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Furniture Rental During Marital Transition

Brook Furniture Rental offers high quality furniture with reliable and dependable service to you as you begin a new chapter in your life. We assist individuals and couples through marital transitions, including marriages, separations, divorces, or re-marriages. 

If you are newly married, and in the process of combining household furnishings and belongings, often it makes sense to step back and assess your home and furniture needs. We understand that sometimes, the furnishings one spouse favors are not quite what the other spouse had in mind for their new home. Renting furniture can be a great solution to try out new furniture styles to see how they relate to your new residence. Brook Furniture Rental carries a range of furniture, from contemporary, to traditional, to transitional, which enables you to choose together the right furniture for your home. 

For many people, furniture rental can be a great solution if you want to purchase furniture in the future, save money in the short term, but still have high quality furnishings for your residence. Rent for a while and save money for a new furniture purchase later. Brook Furniture Rental will work with you to select the appropriate furniture to help you try out a new style to see if it is something you would like to purchase in the future. A few of our renters even decide to purchase the furniture that they rent. 

In a separation or divorce, renting furniture can be a way to quickly re-establish yourself and provide a comfortable home environment and a clean slate as you begin a new stage in life. Brook Furniture Rental understands the challenge of these transitions and helps add comfort while you search for a new apartment or home. We partner with you to develop custom tailored furniture solutions that are just right for your personal situation. Whether for a divorce or a separation, we understand the need to work quickly to deliver the furniture on time and with the utmost care, discretion, and attention. 

In addition to furniture, we rent accessories to warm up your new residence and really make it feel like home. We offer plants, rugs, electronics, and artwork. We work with you to coordinate these items with the furniture that you select. We rent comforters, bed linens and clothes hangers for the bedroom, items for the bathroom such as shower curtains and towels, and kitchen items, coffee makers, toasters, dining utensils and cooking utensils. 

Start your furniture rental process today!

 If you prefer, you can visit one of our local Brook Furniture Rental showrooms during normal business hours. We have over 33 years of experience in helping people rent furniture for their unique transition, and we look forward to assisting you.

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