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Furniture Hire for Persons Relocating to U.S. Destinations

Brook Furniture Rental is an attractive choice for persons on temporary assignment to U.S. cities. Whether the projected stay is short term (3 months to 1 year) or protracted (2 years or more), significant monetary savings can be achieved by securing furniture through Brook Furniture Rental.

Specialising in Serving EU Professionals

Brook Furniture Rental provides specialised services for clients from more than 50 countries, with a focus on transferees from the European Union. In most instances, Brook Furniture Rental personnel will deliver and set furniture whilst the client is in transit. Upon arrival, all items are in place and set correctly, providing a comfortably arranged space from the first moment. Concierge telephonists attend to every possible detail so that the entire residence or office can be furnished and decorated prior to the client's arrival at their U.S. destination. Brook Furniture Rental's expertise extends to relocating professionals from anywhere in the world. During thirty years of providing rental furnishings, Brook Furniture Rental has served relocating international business professionals from Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Brook Furniture Rental assists transferring business people as they take up temporary assignment or relocation to America.

Furniture Hire Offers Advantage

Whether dealing through real estate agents, letting agencies, or organising the destination directly, one can achieve significant monetary savings and stylistic advantage by obtaining furnishings and accessories through Brook Furniture Rental. Available items include electronics, artwork, rugs, plants, household goods for the bedroom (bed linens, comforters, clothes hangers), kitchen (dining and a diverse array of cooking utensils), and bathroom (shower curtains and towels).

Stylish Quality and Personalised Customer Service

Furniture styles are available to suit any preference. All pieces are of high quality manufacture, delivered in excellent condition, and set per your specific needs. Select furnishings online using this website and the assistance of Brook Furniture Rental's Concierge sales team. Choose from designer recommended collections and submit a request for quote online. A Brook Furniture Rental Concierge will work via telephone to finalise the lease and will schedule delivery at the appropriate time. Concierge personnel are available seven days a week to ensure that leasing from Brook Furniture Rental is easy and simple. They coordinate the delivery of your rental furniture, usually within 2 business days of completing the lease. 

Leasing furniture is also a good solution if you decide to take your furnishings with you to the United States. When you relocate into the U.S., sometimes your furniture is on a slower timetable. If you have moved into a home and you have several weeks or months before your container with your furniture arrives, please contact Brook so we can help you get settled into your new home with temporary furniture while you wait for your permanent furniture. Our service is simple and we can accommodate your interim furniture needs.

Brook Furniture Rental's Customer Service Pledge

Brook Furniture Rental personnel demonstrate the company's customer service pledge by consistently making detailed arrangements to assure the client's arrival at U.S. destinations is as pleasant and carefree as possible. Brook Furniture Rental's entire staff supports the pledge of "Extreme Service" wherein proper execution of every detail and anticipation of every need is the minimum expectation.

Begin Furniture Selections Immediately

Start by entering destination city and state and rental needs on the right. Choose either designer-recommended selections or individual pieces from the online catalog. Brook's Concierge team will help finalise the details and complete the transaction. 

Brook Furniture Rental successfully collaborates with apartment communities and international relocation firms in many cities in the U.S. If you work with an apartment community or a relocation firm, please recommend that they confer with Brook Furniture Rental to select the most optimal furniture and delivery times to meet your specific requirements for your international relocation.

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