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San Jose, CA Real Estate Professionals Partners

Silicon Valley has changed the way the world uses technology, and is the home base of America’s high-tech industry. The region includes the Santa Clara Valley and most of the San Francisco Peninsula. With its close proximity and close relationship to the tech industry, San Jose has earned the unofficial title: Capital of Silicon Valley.

While many credit Apple’s billion dollar IPO in 1980 with putting Silicon Valley on the map, the region was producing electronics and new technologies at sites like William Shockley’s Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory since the 1950s.

As the Silicon Valley’s influence has grown since then, San Jose has grown and expanded right alongside. The once-sleepy city now has an exciting culture to go along with its 19th century architecture, and is a popular place to live for Silicon Valley commuters. Popular attractions in San Jose include shopping at the Berryessa Flea Market, visiting the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, and enjoying San Jose’s thriving nightlife including the Temple Bar & Lounge. Visitors from around the Bay Area flock to San Jose every year for its famous Cinco De Mayo parade and festival.

Downtown San Jose is home to the San Jose Museum of Art, the HP Pavilion, and a variety of pleasant residential neighborhoods such as the Hensley Historic District and Reed Historic District. 

The area south of first street, otherwise known as SoFA, is a trendy zone replete new construction, art galleries, and the California Theater. Willow Glen is a more established neighborhood that is a residential favorite for older residents San Jose. 

Whether you choose to live in San Jose or elsewhere in the Silicon Valley, when it becomes time to rent furniture, you can work with one of these real estate professionals to find the furniture for you!

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