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Atlanta, GA Furniture Dealer Partners

Atlanta was founded in 1837 at the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad lines. The city was a central transportation hub throughout the 19th century, especially during the Civil War. In the years following that war, Atlanta had to be largely rebuilt. During World War II, the area realized massive manufacturing growth, led by Bell Aircraft Company and the construction of Rickenbacker Field. In the 1950s, a new freeway system led to an expansion of the metropolitan area and the growth of several key suburbs.

Today, Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport and headquarters of companies like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, AT&T, Delta, and Turner Broadcasting. Considered the focal point of business and transportation in the Southeast, Atlanta hosts office of over 1,250 multinational companies and has deep reservoirs of tech-savvy workers, a sizable financial district, and a growing bio-tech center. In the past two decades, the greater Atlanta area has undergone a dramatic population surge, jumping from 2.9 million to 4.1 million residents. Goods produced in the area include metals, machinery, transportation equipment, food and beverages, textiles, furniture, telecommunications hardware, steel, and chemicals. Local professional sports teams like the Falcons and the Braves provide great excitement and premium sports-going experiences.

Our office furniture rental solutions are custom tailored to companies that are in a state of transition. If you have come to the conclusion that your situation is best suited to purchasing furniture versus renting office furniture, and are interested in working closely with a local contract furniture dealer, feel free to contact one of the furniture dealers identified below. Please be sure to inform them that you heard about them through Brook Furniture Rental!

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