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Madison, WI Apartment Community Partners

Considered one of the best places to live in the United States, Madison, Wisconsin is known for being safe, kind, and decidedly engaging. Highways connect Madison to the Twin Cities, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Lake Michigan, but there is plenty to do in the city itself. The capital of Wisconsin, Madison has a huge student population through the University of Wisconsin and other colleges around the area. College sports are popular at the home of this Big-10 school, but there are many opportunities for athletic participation as well. Madison is a thriving, young city with a vibrant music scene featuring several options seven nights a week. Art and the performing arts thrive in this cultural hub, with something special for people of all ages.

Madison is also exceptionally health-conscious and environmentally aware, boasting one of the most extensive networks of bike lanes and trails across the country. This factor, along with a great public transportation system, make it so that living in Madison is easy even if you don't have a car. Fantastic schools are available within and around the city, and there is a great variety of living options in the city and the surrounding area. Fitchburg and McFarland, for example, are small suburbs with a warm atmosphere that are wonderful places for families. In the city, there is a great variety of rental living options, whether you prefer to live in a quiet neighborhood, near parks and waterfront, or surrounded by a college atmosphere.

When it becomes time to rent furniture, you can work with one of these apartment communities to help you find the furniture for you!


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