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Why Rent Furniture?

If you are anticipating a transition, or are in the midst of a relocation event at your residence or workplace, or are contemplating seasonal lodging, read this page before deciding how to manage your move. For home, second residence, or business, furniture rental can be the answer.

Consider renting furniture if any of the following issues are true:
  • Rental furniture is needed for three months or longer
  • Furniture is likely to be needed for two years or less
  • Location where the furniture is to be used over the next two years is uncertain
  • Location might change, move, or upgrade and  need new furnishings
  • Want to avoid the initial expense of furniture purchase
  • Need to preserve capital by avoiding the total cost of furniture purchase
  • Furniture rental expenditure is a business expense or funded moving expense
  • Permanent furniture is delayed due to shipping, transportation, or manufacturing issues
There are other reasons to rent furniture that relate more to your personal desires:
  • Furniture renting makes it easy to express your personal style
  • Rental furniture maintains your lifestyle through life's transitions
  • Renting furniture helps avoid the blandness of hotels or extended stay facilities
  • Furniture rental facilitates style changes and seasonal adjustments

Whether your need is for temporary residential furniture, seasonal vacation furnishings, or for commercial office furniture, there are some universal issues you need to consider.

Renting Furniture allows you to choose any available space, whether for vacation home, residence or office, in exactly the location you need. Initial cash outlay and overall cost are minimized. You get professional help in selecting the exact furniture style that best suits your use and personality, and you can tailor the furniture you choose with the apartment that you select. And, furniture rental easily accommodates change. Changing individual pieces, overall style, or even your location, can be done with ease. 

Purchasing Furniture is expensive. An initial cash outlay is required and you pay the total value of the furniture even if your need is temporary. In order to change color or style, you are forced to buy new furniture pieces. When you move, transportation costs apply. Furniture resale value is quite low, and disposal costs for used items may apply. Buying furniture inhibits change and eliminates flexibility while exacting the full cost for all your furniture needs.

Furnished Facilities, such as extended stay hotels can become expensive as well. Daily cost is high, often approaching the cost of a conventional hotel stay. And while sometimes pre-furnished apartments, furnished office space, and furnished vacation homes are good choices, at other times these options aren't as good solutions as they do not allow you to totally customize the exact solution that is right for you. Available facilities may not be located in exactly the neighborhood or district where you want to live or you may have the need for a larger home as you may have guests or pets. Amenities, comfort level, room layout, color schemes, and style are predetermined and often unalterable. 

We at Brook Furniture Rental provide our customers "Extreme Service" with outstanding expertise and professionalism. From your first contact with our sales office personnel, through delivery and pickup, we make your furniture renting experience a pleasure. We pledge perfect execution throughout your furniture rental experience. Every person you come into contact with is committed to perfectly executing each detail of your furniture rental contract. Your furniture choices arrive on time, in high quality condition, exactly as you ordered, every time.

You can view our furniture by using the "Rent Residential Furniture," "Rent Office Furniture ," or "Stage Your Home" links at the top of our website. If you prefer, you can call one of our Brook Concierge team members at 877.285.7368 to begin your furniture rental process!

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