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Furniture Rental Payment Options

We have 3 payment options for you: ACH, check or credit card. Because most of our customers are very busy, please consider an automatic monthly payment. Our preferred payment method is ACH:

  • It gives you control over the exact date when the money is transferred.
  • End of month reconciliation process is easy-no lost or unreconciled checks to investigate.
  • You can save on check and mailing costs.
  • You can be confident the payment is received on time-no need to wonder if the check will be there when you hope it does.

Set up Automatic Monthly Payment

Pay over the phone 
      Residential Furniture Customers 1-866-276-6547 
      Office Furniture Customers 1-800-600-8274 
      Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST 

Send a Payment by Check To: 
      Brook Furniture Rental 
      24997 Network Place 
      Chicago, IL 60673-1249

Pay by Credit card

"Thanks for the high level of customer service Brook!"

— Steve, Houston

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