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Brook Furniture Rental Core Values

We at Brook Furniture Rental care about serving our customers with "Extreme Service." We have even trademarked the term "Extreme Service - Today, Tomorrow, and Forever®". This idea guides us and constantly reminds us of the importance of focusing on our customers. This idea also helps us to anticipate how our customers are going to change in the future, so we can be committed to higher levels of customer partnership.

Internally, we focus on implementing our business with precision. Our focus is on "Perfect Execution," which to us means getting the order right all the time. We want our furniture to be in the highest quality condition, we want our delivery teams to show up promptly when we tell our customers they will be there, and we aim to have the furniture on the lease to be just as the customer wanted it. 

The combination of "Extreme Service," and "Perfect Execution," sets Brook Furniture Rental apart from our competition, and enables us to have deep, meaningful relationships with our customers. We are very proud of our team members and also the deep collaborative partnerships we have with our customers and suppliers.

"Brook Furniture Rental exceeded our expectations and then some, as Realtors it is so essential that our listings are "showing ready" and with Brook's furniture our listing SHINES and stands apart from the competition. The quality of the furniture was A+ and the process was seamless they are a first class service and we would use them again and again! Thanks Brook!!"

— Shelly and John Perkowski, Chicago

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