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Why the Brook Furniture Rental Name

In 1979, when Robert W. Crawford Jr. purchased the of Chicago assets of Broyhill Furniture Rental, his first task was to choose a new name for his new company. He wanted a name that was near to the front of the alphabet, was preferably one syllable, was easy to pronounce, and had positive connotations. Over a period of days, he literally read the entire dictionary and narrowed down the name to 3 good choices: Crown, Beacon, and Brook.

After reviewing the merits and benefits of these 3 good options, Mr. Crawford came to believe that Brook had great appeal due to its positive connotations and favorable imagery. The Brook name was shorter and it was a little softer and easier to say. 

Today, we are very happy that he made the choice to call our company Brook Furniture Rental!

"This was my first time renting furniture on a short term lease. Due to the circumstance, I had to move really fast once I moved in to my new apartment. Brook Furniture was able to get everything done within an extremely short period of time and the response rate from their team was unbelievable. I was so impressed at their professionalism and desire to help me during a fairly hectic time (moving is always a pain). They were able to make a stressful time seem easy. I would strongly recommend using Brook Furniture Rental, I know I'll go back to them if and when the time comes. :)"
- Samara, Redwood Shores

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