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Large Office Workstation Projects

Brook Furniture Rental specializes in renting office furniture for large, complex projects that require many different workstations and office configurations. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to select the right work stations and office furniture for your unique space. On our staff, we have highly trained individuals who complete space planning requests quickly, which helps you to move your projects along faster. 

We help you with choosing the right office furniture that enhances productivity. Brook Furniture Rental knows how to configure an office plan that accommodates a project as it grows, so you can easily incorporate more workstations or more people into the space. We know the importance of planning and being flexible to assist you with selecting the right workstations and desks for your office space. 

Brook Furniture Rental partners with you to craft an office furniture plan for your temporary project. Your project may involve just temporary workstations, or it may include training tables or temporary classrooms for temporary training centers. For the entertainment industry, for example, we set up pre-production offices, post-production offices, so the project teams can be effective and keep the production on schedule. 

We help you choose the appropriate furnishings, and we collaborate to develop an installation plan that accommodates your schedule. We also offer furniture for waiting areas, or artwork, rugs, and other accessories. Visit our office furniture collection to view the types of furnishings we offer. 

We offer many types of workstation solutions, executive offices, and customized and complimentary space planning assistance. Our objective is to make the process easy for you. To set up an appointment, please call 1-877-285-7368 and we will set up an appointment to walk your space and start space planning.

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