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There are multiple occasions to consider renting office furniture. Companies may find themselves in transition for multiple reasons, and need swing space with office furnishings for just a short period of time. Brook Furniture Rental assists during tenant improvement, office renovation, project management, or construction projects. Law firms and consulting firms, for example, rent office furniture for their workers on temporary assignments if they sublet office space for special projects that last for just a short period of time. Companies bring in groups of people to off site work spaces for training reasons, and we provide office furniture for rent. Start up companies will rent furniture to conserve cash and preserve their working capital. 

Selecting the right office furniture for your office space has unique challenges. You will be faced with questions such as: What office furniture works in this space to help people be most productive? If the business grows, how can this space and the furniture we select accommodate the extra people we will need? Should we invest cash in purchasing furniture when we don't know how long we will need it? What is the right configuration of workstations and desks for my office space? 

Brook Furniture Rental answers all these questions. We have 30 years of experience supplying office furniture to small companies, large corporations, law firms, accounting firms, educational institutions, and government agencies. We know the importance of projecting the right business image, furnishing space to improve productivity, and managing budgetary resources. We also know how to develop customized furniture solutions for unique and unconventional office settings. We have capability to turn around space plans quickly, so you can make decisions about how to use your office space quickly! 

In a few easy steps, we can help you choose furniture for your temporary office and schedule a delivery. We have a unique selection of office furniture as well as furniture for reception or waiting areas, plus artwork, rugs, lamps, and other accessories. Our service is quick and reliable, and we can usually deliver your furniture in 2 business days. Visit our office furniture catalog to see all our office furniture options. If you have a need to create your own collection using both office and residential furniture, you can view our on-line catalog in order to create a custom solution utilizing our furniture rental inventory. 

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